IBP Audit


Our IBP auditing service focuses on enhancing your supply chain efficiency through a careful on-site analysis process. At alphachain Consulting, we understand the unique challenges faced by organisations across different business sectors. Our approach involves a series of comprehensive steps to provide you with valuable insights and recommendations for improving your SAP IBP implementation.


On-site analysis

To commence our evaluation process, we initiate an on-site analysis led by our team of seasoned experts. This immersive phase spans several days during which we actively participate in meetings and workshops held directly at your site. By fostering an environment of open communication and collaboration, we facilitate meaningful interactions with key stakeholders, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your company's unique processes, challenges and overarching objectives.


This hands-on approach not only allows us to gather valuable insights into the intricacies of your current SAP IBP system but also provides us with a firsthand appreciation of the dynamics within your organization. Through this personalized engagement, we can tailor our evaluation to address specific pain points and intricacies, ensuring that our recommendations are not only technically sound, but also aligned with your broader business strategy.


current situation analysis

As seasoned IT specialists with extensive experience in SAP IBP implementation and consulting, we diligently analyze every facet of your existing SAP IBP system. Our assessment goes beyond surface-level considerations, delving into the intricate details of system performance. We thoroughly examine factors such as responsiveness, reliability, and overall efficiency to gain a comprehensive understanding of your system's strengths and weaknesses.


This phase serves as a crucial baseline for our comprehensive approach to business process optimization and redesign. In addition to the technical aspects, we conduct a thorough business process analysis, identifying key areas where improvements can be made to enhance not only the system's performance but also the overall efficiency of your business operations. Our goal is to provide you with nuanced insights that empower strategic decision-making and contribute to the long-term success of your SAP IBP implementation.


quality of implementation

In addition to reviewing system performance, our assessment also includes a thorough analysis of the quality of your SAP IBP implementation. This entails a comprehensive examination of existing integration flows, ensuring the seamless communication between various modules and systems. Our focus is on identifying potential bottlenecks and refining integration processes to enhance the overall performance of your SAP IBP system.


By delving into the intricacies of integration, we aim to fortify the cohesion and interoperability of different components within your system. This thorough examination allows us to pinpoint areas where improvements are needed, enabling us to provide targeted recommendations for optimizing your SAP IBP implementation. Our overarching objective is to create a well-coordinated and efficient system that aligns seamlessly with your business processes, ultimately contributing to heightened operational effectiveness and long-term success.


comprehensive reporting

Following the thorough analysis phase, we consolidate our findings into a comprehensive report. This document not only offers valuable insights into the present performance and quality of your SAP IBP implementation but also incorporates a sophisticated ranking system. This ranking system serves to illuminate specific areas demanding immediate attention, providing a prioritized roadmap for optimisation.


The detailed nature of our report empowers your stakeholders with a wealth of information, enabling them to make well-informed decisions regarding the future trajectory of your supply chain management. By presenting a nuanced overview of the strengths and areas for improvement in your SAP IBP system, we aim to facilitate strategic planning and foster a proactive approach to enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.


recommendations and benefits

A key outcome of our evaluation process is the provision of a comprehensive set of recommendations aimed at driving further improvements in your system. Based on our extensive expertise, we propose enhancements that consider both existing functionalities and the IBP Roadmap published by SAP. With this forward-looking approach, your organisation will not only be able to solve current problems, but also benefit from future features and enhancements in SAP IBP to keep your system up to date.


By implementing these recommendations, your organisation can reap numerous benefits. Firstly, an optimised planning process will increase efficiency, streamline operations and reduce unnecessary costs. The improved forecasting accuracy resulting from our recommendations enables better resource allocation and minimises stock-outs or overstocks, which ultimately contributes to increased delivery capability.


why alphachain?

The collaboration between your company and alphachain in evaluating the SAP IBP implementation showcases a commitment to continuous improvement. Our dedication to excellence positions you to remain agile and competitive in the ever-evolving high-tech landscape. 


The personalized touch is integral to our collaborative partnership model. We understand that effective communication is the cornerstone of successful projects, and our commitment to providing you with a responsive and knowledgeable personal manager is designed to streamline the experience for your team. The advantage goes beyond technical expertise; it encompasses a relationship where your needs and expectations are not just met, but anticipated and exceeded.


Moreover, at alphachain, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing that is often more cost-effective than larger companies. Our commitment to delivering value includes providing high-quality services at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to maximize your return on investment.


By choosing alphachain, not only do you invest in cutting-edge SAP IBP expertise, but you also gain the advantage of a collaborative partnership committed to your success. Let our comprehensive evaluation, strategic recommendations and flexible pricing models propel your company towards unparalleled efficiency, and competitiveness in the dynamic landscape of high-tech supply chain management.